First day as a manager

Let’s face it, any first day is hard, first day of school, first day of work, first day as a parent; first day as a manager is no different, why should it be? You have all things planned, you know your schedule, maybe you got some induction of some sort, but if you never have been in this role, you […]

Don’t miss your next opportunity

Depending on the moment we are in life we often tend to be more open or more reluctant to new opportunities. I found in my early years that I was more than eager to promote, to learn, to move across roles or companies, to make overtime, to take extra projects and deliver beyond expectations. In my […]

A day in the office

I was thinking lately how monotone was every work day for me. Same habits, same people, same desks, same meetings and somehow things are moving so fast that my colleagues argued that they do not even see the people, the walls, the desks … Since there is no “one shoe fits all” I know that […]