Program Modules

I am thrilled to tell you about my Start in Management program and what it can do for you. It is accessible anywhere in the world via Skype and the preferred solution of individuals just like you from all over the world. Working one-on-one with me as your management coach, I can promise you one thing: you WILL make ACCELERATED progress! The program is divided in 6 sessions 90' each with individual subjects.

  • Start in BUSINESS Management
  • Start in BUDGET Management
  • Start in TIME Management
  • Start in TASK Management
  • Start in PEOPLE Management
  • Start in NETWORKING Management
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Session Structure

The individual subjects are the most common problematics that need to be addressed in the management process and they are the most probably to be met during day by day work, starting day 1 of your management role. You can take the full program or just the module/s that are the most important for you or where you feel like you need improvement or support.
If you struggle in any of the areas presented on the left, management coaching done competently is without a doubt the best way to fix this and see the outcomes you want in your management life or career. Books, apps, articles and DVDs can all help significantly, but the fact is they don’t even come close to a quality coaching/mentoring experience. Each session can be tailored to your needs and you get to choose how we spend the time:

  • 90' of training
  • 60' of training + 30' of coaching/ mentoring
  • 90' of coaching/ mentoring

Find below what happens once you come onboard the program!

1. Get to Know each Other

In the first minutes we'll get to know each other, names, professional summary and the motivation for taking the program. Practically the basics for our future discussions.

2. Decide structure of the session

You can choose how you want to spend the time with me and your options are:

  • 90' of training on the subject of the session you chose
  • 60' of training + 30' of coaching/ mentoring
  • 90' of coaching/ mentoring

In all cases you get a handout with all the information included in the session, so you don't miss anything no matter your choice.

3. DO the WORK

We deliver the session according to the structure you chose and this is what you get by the end of the session:

  • training, coaching, mentoring on the subject you chose
  • basic tools to make your life easier in the beginning
  • references
  • recommendations
  • advice


Five minutes before our time is up, we'll go again through all the information, advice, recommendations you got and recap everything. If you'd like we'll also agree together on your next steps.

5. Receive Handouts

Shortly after our session is over you will receive the handouts for our session, either as documents attached or as downloadable link for your future use and reference. If you'd like, we'll keep in touch, so please subscribe to our friendly newsletter.

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