First day as a manager

Let’s face it, any first day is hard, first day of school, first day of work, first day as a parent; first day as a manager is no different, why should it be? You have all things planned, you know your schedule, maybe you got some induction of some sort, but if you never have been in this role, you find yourself with that lump in the throat and you wonder if you’ll be at least able to speak. What saves me in this situation is knowing that before I have to go out-there and meet my team I go and meet my boss, so a big part of what I do in the first day with my new team is coming from above. Besides, if your team is not new, and rarely is, they are already in a routine and they do their job even if you are there for the first time looking around and observing. Remember that the stress you feel, they might feel it doubled or tripled, so it’s better to start with this thought in mind: we are all people here!

Tip: Every first day as a manager should include a bit of time for you to observe (and take notes). Observe people, your team and others, how is time managed, what is more important: meeting or delivering tasks, how people interact, how they observe you 🙂

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