Don’t miss your next opportunity

Depending on the moment we are in life we often tend to be more open or more reluctant to new opportunities. I found in my early years that I was more than eager to promote, to learn, to move across roles orĀ companies, to make overtime, to take extra projects and deliver beyond expectations. In my 30s I turned my life towards people and family more, I prefer stability in terms of projects, teams, collaborators (or bosses) and take more opportunities in terms of making a family, raising children, running my benefit or spending time with my parents. I guess the 40s are for reachingĀ for the top of the top in everyone’s career and a managerial role is what you desire, you did the work, learned, experienced, now is time to lead or give back, or both.

No matter where you are at the moment in your life, be always open to see and welcome the next opportunity in your life!

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