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Start in Management can be a new start for you, make it a good one!

Discover my Management Coaching Program and decide if it's the right tool for you or if it's the right time to join this 1-ON-1 CONSULTING SERVICE!

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1. Start in BUSINESS Management

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4. Start in TASK Management

5. Start in PEOPLE Management

6. Start in NETWORKING Management

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I’m Aura Serea. I'm a management coach, mentor and trainer with 15+ years of experience, I've coached and mentored clients from over 25 countries, on 3 continents, starting with students, entrepreneur wanna-be-s to young professionals and start-up CEOs, and my Start in Management Program has been purchased by over 10000 people.

I live a nomad lifestyle, I enjoy spending time with my family and currently enjoying the wonders and peace of a small town in the heart of Transylvania. I love people and I love management and I am terrible at following others' directions. This is Start in Management program website. You can connect with me on my main website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and you can email me using the contact details in the bottom of this page. WELCOME!

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Aura Serea

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Flexible timing

Delivering this program across the 5 continents makes it easy for everyone to find the right time to schedule the program sessions.

Global coverage

Available in any corner of the world  the program supports new managers, team leaders and entrepreneurs.

Email support

Prompt email support from me between the program sessions, to support you in taking optimal action in your day by day activities.

A mentor

A mentor is someone who can guide you step by step and whom can validate your plans and actions. By taking this full program you benefit from email assistance when implementing your actions in your team.

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What people say

Definitely, the best job-interview ”personal trainer” money can buy. Aura succeeds in revealing you all the thinking & mind mechanisms of the HR recruiters and to prepare you for the most challenging meetings. The live mock-up job interview with her is by far the best service of HR Perspective, but the candidate’s written presentation review is equally helpful. Aura found a new bold visual appearance for my resume that emphasizes much more clearly my work experience. Highly recommended!

Andrei Taflan Global PR Manager at Bitdefender

It is seldom you come across an individual with such a capacity to produce consistently brilliant insights.
Aura is an innovator and leading edge consultant who will unquestionably bring new ideas to the table and have you looking at your own ideas in a new light, with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.
Aura is a constant inspiration:)

Cristina Solea HR Business Partner at eMag

Aura is great at setting things straight, at clearing out the thickest daze of workflow&process entanglements. She is best at setting healthy boundaries and responsibilities. I’ll work again with her in the future !

Victor Dornescu Strategy Advisor at RINF Tech